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Holy places

Holy Places

Himachal, also known as Dev Bhoomi - the Land of Gods, is a place of immense natural beauty and spiritual calm. "Deepjyoti" is located on the foot step of famous Tara Devi temple and neighboring temples reflects the presence of the God every where.

Tara Devi Temple - 2.5 Kms

 Situated 1851 meters above sea level between Shoghi and Shimla,  the top of Tara Devi Mountain called Tarab is distinct with renowned calm and tranquil temples dedicated to the Goddess of Stars(taron ki devi), Tara Devi. The temple on the Hill top keeps everyone under the protective gaze, showering innumerable blessings on her worshippers.  The hill top offers an unimaginable 360* view of Shimla City, Junga, Chail, Jubberhatti, Shoghi, Jutogh, Prospect hills, Kasauli and even Kalka. The atmosphere has a soothing and rejuvenating effect on every one, being away from the dust, heat, noise, pollution and crowd of cities and urban areas.

The Tara Devi temple was built approximately 250 years ago and has a great spiritual and heritage value. The langar (holy meal) is served every Sunday and Tuesday, by the devotees after fulfillment of their wishes. There are two temples of Taradevi at hill top, one is Chandi Avtar and other is Vashno Doodhadhari Avtar. Between the two temples is the gateway to the first monkey park (Vanar Sarankshan Park) of the state spread over an area of 232 hectare.

Shiv Mandir - 3 kms.

Shiv Mandir is situated at the central point of Tarab hill in the dense forest below the famous Taradevi temple. One can enjoy the panoramic view of Shimla and Valley around Shimla in a different way from here. In and around the temple are thick lush green trees and the surrounding atmosphere is most attractive and the amazing beauty of the down valley is wonderful .The meandering foot path to the temple is through the pinewoods and green meadows, accompanied by the chilly mild wind which rejuvenates the pilgrims and tourists visiting this sacred temple.

Prachin Hanuman Mandir - 6 Kms.

The Temple is famous for old 4 feet high stone statuette of God Hanuman, A legend says that Hanuman put his feet on this place while coming back with Sanjeevani. This place was pressed with his feet and foot prints are also being worshiped. Many people visit the place on Sunday to treat old diseases and to get rid of bhoot- pret -shetan and horrific shadows (witch-craft). Special Govt. buses ply after every half an hour on Sundays. Weekly Bhandars (Holy Lunch) are being organized by the devotees.
Mahunag Mandir - 6 Kms.

A famous temple of  Nag Devtas. Renowned for questions to know the causes of diseases, losses, bad dreams etc.

Sankat Mochan Mandir - 7 Kms.

Sankat Mochan Mandir is a famous temple of Hanuman, Ram, Lakshman and Goddess Seeta which was built by Baba Neem Karori Maharaja. A Dravidian Shodasa (Ganesh) temple was also built on South Indian pattern. The temple offers an unique view of twinkling lights of Shimla at night. Weekly Bhandaras are being organized by the devotees.


Vashno Devi Gufa - 7 Kms.

Vashno Devi situated just opposite to Sankat Mochan Mandir which has great attraction for the tourists.
Kamna Devi Temple - 9 Kms.

Kamna devi temple, dedicated to Goddess Durga Mata is situated on the top of Prospect Hill. A view of moon rise and sun set is viewed together. A steep meandering path  amidst forests of Prospect Hill leads to the temple. Kamna Devi is known for the fulfillment of wishes. Admirable view of Taradevi, Jutogh, Subathu and Choor Chandni Dhar is seen from the temple.

Kali Bari Mandir - 14 Kms.

A famous temple of  Goddess Durga which has three different manifestations  of  Kali, Shyamala and Chandi,. This temple is easily accessible from Mall road, Shimla and is frequently visited by devotees and tourists.

Ram Mandir - 14 Kms.

A famous temple of Lord Rama located near main bus stand in Ram Bazar.

Jakhoo temple - 19 Kms.

An ancient historical temple of Hanuman . famous as Monkey God is situated on  Jakhu Hill.Large number of monkeys are seen in and around the temple. A 5-10 minutes drive in car from Nav Bahar through forests to the temple is a wonderful experience. An option  on foot or  horse from ridge is also available.
Prachin Shiv Mandir, Gambhar Pul - 10 Kms.

An old temple of Lord Shiva is famous for continuous natural drops of water on unique Shiv Ling. Accessible by road and taxi from Shoghi.

Dhingu Mata Mandir - 20 Kms.

 A temple situated on the Sanjauli hill top offers panoramic view of the valley up to Naldehra, Shimla town and distant mountains.


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