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Shoghi, a suburb of Shimla is an ideal tourist destination located 13 Kms short of Shimla on National Highway 22 at a height of 5900 feet from sea level. Shoghi is a  trade/central point of five Panchayats with a wide network of roads. The toy train from Kalka to Shimla also passes through Shoghi Railway station moves slowly on small narrow gauge track in a zig zag manner across beautiful bridges over sparkling streams through dense forests entering into 103 tunnels with 2 long famous tunnels at Barog and Taradevi. A heritage train route from Shoghi via Tardevi, Jutogh, Summer Hill upto Shimla is for those who missed out the charm and thriller of traveling from Kalka to Shimla.

A small, startling and variegated trek of 2.5 Kms. leads the adventurous tourists from Deepjyoti to the top of Tarab Mountain at a height of 6970 feet. The top of mountain is distinguished with two prominent serene temples famous as Tara Devi and also for the first monkey park (Vanar Sarankshan Park). A 15 minute journey on spiral road with numerous U turns covering 3 Kms in a bus or car up to Taradevi Temple is rejoicing on hills. One can never forget the view from hill top seeing Deepjyoti at the feet of Goddess of stars with picturesque surrounding area on one side and parallel Shimla City on the other side. For nature lovers, a forest walk of about 4 kms. from Taradevi temple to Taradevi station through dense forests exploring dancing trees of Tarab hill is always an unforgettable event. You can enjoy the spectacular views of Shimla and surrounding areas in the midst of musical delightful nodes of chirping of birds with a feeling that all lush pine, oak and rhododendron trees are welcoming you. The flora and fauna of the Tarab forests includes some rare species of medicinal herbs, unique birds, wild rabbits, jungli murgas and peacocks.

Shoghi offers gorgeous view of forests, hills & valleys and has now grown as a weekend destination for calm and seclusion desiring tourists. Cool and calm atmosphere of Shoghi makes it an ideal location for camping and trekking. One can enjoy leveled walking by strolling through forests on the lonely roads leading to railway station, Anandpur valley, Goro Village and the meandering foot paths created by the forest department towards  Mohri village & national highway. One can also have a stroll along with the heritage railway track, sit around at a lonely place, enjoy bird watching and listen to the whistling wind sounds in the lap of nature.



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